Anticipating a live webcast engagement in the future? With concept-to-distribution services, CIA Studios is the perfect solution to assist you in your goals. CIA Studios offers both in-studio and remote live webcast options, as well as options to convert existing video and audio clips for Internet viewing. CIA Studios also provides all the equipment and support necessary to help you deliver a professional webcast.

CIA Studios specializes in live video/audio webcast production. Broadcasts can be conducted from any CIA Studios facility or from any remote location with a suitable Internet connection. For all broadcasts, CIA provides the necessary equipment and staff to support the broadcast objectives.

What types of programs can we support? That's really up to your own creativity, though most programs broadcast from our studio fall under the following categories:

  • Live Demonstration: Whether you want to demonstrate a new product, service, or present educational material, our studio is perfect for your needs. For your program, you can include visual materials such as PowerPoint slides, graphics, charts, and even utilize web pages. We can also integrate viewer Q&A sessions for maximum learning benefits.
  • Multiple Participants: Like many popular talk show formats, we can offer an environment conducive to inspiring true conversation between multiple individuals. Create your own talk show, online users conference, or even produce organizational debates. Our studio can also accommodate a small live audience to give your show a true interactive edge.
  • Call-In Presentation: If time or location prohibits you from using CIA Studios in person, we have a solution. Our webcast call-in option enables you to make live audio presentations using a simple telephone. And as with any of our other webcast solutions, this format can also include visual materials such as slides, graphics, charts, bulleted action items, and viewer Q&A.

CIA Studios provides additional services to help make webcasting an even better tool for your organization. Take a look:

  • Event registration
    Want to track individual users? Then you will need to have them register. CIA Studios makes it easy with our turn-key event registration system.
  • User login/logoff tracking*
    Interested in who watched vs. who registered? Or how long each viewer spent participating? CIA Studios provides user login/logoff reports for each program. This is a great tool for organizations that issue CPE credits for program attendance.

    * requires the event registration system
  • Viewer Q&A storage
    Viewer questions often serve as ideal lead-ins for business development calls. CIA Studios provides you the option of downloading viewer questions complete with direct contact information.
  • Back-office systems integration
    Have a robust database of potential viewers already at your disposal? CIA Studios can work with your systems administrator to pass registration data from your system to ours, enabling you to leverage our user tracking and Q&A features.